El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

*********FIRST CALL TO CONVERGE********* 

What do we want? gradual social revolution for justice!

First. Individuals, wholes. Parts of a larger whole, a group.
Then. Groups, larger wholes. Parts of a yet larger whole. An organizing organism activating towards justice.
Eat, sleep, organize!
Nexus, synergy, coordination, instantaneous mass mobilization.

This is a call for convergence to re-define our activism so we can
Explore and connect the issues, strategies, and perspectives of our activities
Identify the overlaps that strengthen our work.
Create a long-term network structure that will transcend the transitivity of a college lifespan with permanent connections between the many individuals and groups that are fighting-loving-thinking towards a better world.

What do we want? gradual social revolution for justice!
When do we want it? in due course!

But preferably this quarter, in weekly convergences, 60-90 minutes, kicking off on Monday, October 20th, and culminating in a longer caucus on the weekend of November 15th-16th.

We invite you to participate in this Stanford Activist Convergence.
If you belong to an existing organization, we'd love for the groups to follow a Big Sib/Li'l Sib pattern of sending a Young Un along with an experienced Wise One to further facilitate the process of passing on the torch within each group, along with the connections that are made across groups.
The Convergence will be property of noone and everyone. All individuals and groups are invited to shape the convergence as they see fit.

If you're still reading, email stanfordconvergence@yahoo.com for more information.
The Convergence will facilitate the winter quarter production of the latest version of the Dis-Orientation booklet. If this project interests you, please let us know.
If your group can't converge, but is still interested in the Big Sib/Li'l Sib structure, contact Jess Guh at guhster@stanford.edu.

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